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Answer: all of our nearly 130+/- products are selected according to the same standards, and over ¼ have received critical acclaim by NASFT or elsewhere (NY Times, Gourmet Magazine, O Magazine, etc). Those products also bearing the sub-label A RITROVO SELECTION™ have either public appeal which calls for them to be more easily identifiable, or these products simply have special appeal to us according to our passion.

It is inspiring to recognize the artisanal quality of RITROVO SELECTIONS™. Our renowned selections have full, focused flavors. This is possible because they each are produced in small batches, according to the season and focusing on use of local, even heirloom ingredients (generations-old recipes abound), from sustainable agriculture and on a limited production scale. It is "food with a face": produced and overseen by someone proudly valuing quality over quantity.

It is inspiring to appreciate the regional diversity of RITROVO SELECTIONS™. There are thousands of food traditions to be found in Italy; we seek to bring but some of this delicious diversity to you through close work with our cadre of skilled producers and organically-focused farms throughout Italy. It is food from a place: from somewhere, but not to be found everywhere.

A RITROVO SELECTION™ invites you to rediscover:

  • the diversity of Italy's foods through our nationally-acclaimed products
  • the importance of artisanal, organic, and seasonal food production
  • a deeper sense of inspiration, both in the kitchen and at the table

For wholesale pricing, please call us toll free at 1-866-748-7686 or email us at info@ritrovo.com.

On-line purchase of RITROVO SELECTIONS™ through The Shop Agora, Crossroads Food and Wine or D'Italia.

2014 RITROVO® Catalog

2014 Ritrovo Catalog

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