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Bevivo: Drinking Balsamic (Italian Aperitif Concentrate)

Bevivo: Drinking Balsamic (Italian Aperitif Concentrate)

Drinking Balsamic (Italian Aperitif Concentrate)
#12001BALS & #12000BALS

RITROVO SELECTIONS™ debuts a new class of product to the U.S. Market.

RITROVO® is reintroducing our groundbreaking Drinking Balsamic under the new name BEVIVO™ Rosso and presenting BEVIVO™ Bianco, a lighter, lemony partner to BEVIVO™ Rosso.

Defined as a drinking balsamic, Bevivo™ is the first drink of its type in the world, with the following characteristics:

  • Flavor: Refreshing, fruity, balanced flavor
  • High-quality: 100% natural, Italian ingredients
  • Convenience: Splash over ice and water, sparkling water, mixer or spirit of your choice for instant refreshment
  • Versatility: Useable in a variety of mixers and spirits, with both before and after dinner drinks, and in aperitifs
  • Concentrated: Pay for product, not water
  • Economical: Saves refrigerator space (one 16.8 oz. bottle makes # quarts of Bevivo™)
  • Health: Great for digestive system
  • Diet: Naturally low in calories; no GMO ingredients / biproducts; no salt
  • Alcohol-free

Size - 500 ml
Qty - 6/cs

Size - 500 ml
Qty - 6/cs

For wholesale pricing, please call us toll free at 1-866-748-7686 or email us at info@ritrovo.com.

On-line purchase of RITROVO SELECTIONS™ through The Shop Agora, Crossroads Food and Wine or D'Italia.

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2014 Ritrovo Catalog

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