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Di Cuonzo of Puglia

Orecchiette (Puglia)

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RITROVO® is proud to import typical orecchiette and olive leaf pastas from family-owned and operated DiCuonzo in the city of Barletta, Puglia. This most typical pasta of Puglia is delicately shaped by DiCuonzo, and its condiment-gripping form inspires typical dishes like Orecchiette con le cime di rapa. We also import very special orecchiette made with little-known farina arsa, a toasted wheat flour that gives the pasta a rich brown-silver color. Farina arsa or “burnt flour” pasta comes from a little-known Pugliese tradition dating back to a time when local nobles allowed their peasants to glean from fields after the wheat harvest. Since the fields had already been burned clean, gleaners found lots of blackened grains, which they frugally incorporated into their poor-man’s orecchiette.

Today the limited edition Orecchiette with Farina Arsa as well as the plain, classic orecchiette combine beautifully with vegetable condiments such as zucchini flowers and fresh peas, golden squash, white fish flakes, and other color-contrasting ingredients. A rare find.

  • DiCuonzo Orecchiette Farina Arsa (toasted wheat), by Dicuonzo Of Puglia
  • 27102PUG
    DiCuonzo Orecchiette Farina Arsa (toasted wheat)

    Size - 1 lb. bag
    Qty - 16/cs
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  • DiCuonzo Orecchiette Plain, by Dicuonzo Of Puglia
  • 27101PUG
    DiCuonzo Orecchiette Plain

    Size - 1 lb. bag
    Qty - 16/cs
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2014 Ritrovo Catalog

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